Mr & Mrs Keyrings


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Our bundle set of keyrings provide the perfect memento for a wedding or anniversary. Add a personalized touch to this special keepsake by engraving the date in Roman numerals on one side and the couple's names or titles (Mr. & Mrs.) on the other. A truly unique and memorable gift to last for years.

Our keyrings are crafted with premium vegetable-tanned leather and become more attractive with age as the leather patina matures. Commemorate a special event with one of our keyrings--from welcoming a newborn to becoming a grandparent or turning 70, we can likely create a special design for any occasion. Just ask!


Available in Natural (a creamy hue) or English Tan (a classic tan shade), each keyring is completed with a 30 mm flat keyring and details of the leather. Gift presented in a box.