High quality leather

We know that there is no planet B!

Thus, we only use real high quality leather.  Natural leather is more sustainable than faux leather which causes loads of harm to the environment. We choose to limit our carbon emissions? What about you?

Being open to changes and conscious about the environment, Tinbox Angel  are constantly exploring new materials such as plant based leather to make the world a greener place.  We have yet to find anything that matches real leather.

High quality leather:

We try to use mainly veg-tanned full-grain leather but we also source fashion leathers in amazing colours and textures.  We source only from the best suppliers and to try to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible we do our very best to patronise British suppliers first. Occasional we do source from overseas, Italy or even further afield, but we try our best to buy several hides of leather to keep air miles down to a minimum.  We also use leathers from Tuscany (Badalassi) and Chicago (Horween) leather considered to be amongst some of the the best tanneries in the world. Again we source these from our British distributors who buy these hides in bulk, keep emissions to a minimum.  We would like to re-iterate that buying a leather bag can outlive a non-leather bag by many, many years, so again the carbon hit is taken once, not every few months as may be expected with an artificial leather product.

Chrome leather has always been a popular leather and usually those seasonal colour's you admire from your favourite designer or chain store have been achieved with chrome leather.   Although this type of leather does has a negative side - the tanning process is far more harmful for the environment compared to Veg tanned leather we still believe the longevity of a leather product is far more preferable to using a faux alternative and one that will be replaced several times.  Our preference is to use natural veg tanned leather as much as possible in as many designs as we can.  Veg tanned leather is tanned in a far more environmentally friendly method.  Method's which have been used for centuries.  Very similar to making wine, tannins are required to tan the leather, these are sourced from organic substances such as tree bark, leaves and roots.  It is quite usual to find leather named after the substance that has been used to tan the leather, such as oak or chestnut.  It is an artisan process and can take several months to complete the process.    

Here at Tinbox Angel, we are not against the idea of introducing new non-animal leather which would have less impact on the environment. So far, research and availability means we haven't found the perfect leather which wouldn't cost millions and would be environmentally friendly.  We would like to re-iterate the point that a leather product whether chrome tanned or veg-tanned will reward you with many years of service down to its durability.  Having the ability to repair and renew a leather product is also a reason to pay a little extra for that initial purchase, knowing in many years if the item is damaged the chances are this can be repaired.  Landfill is not a place a leather product should ever be found.  Our bags are durable, long-lasting, meaning that one bag is better than several bag's from fast fashion retailers. Keep that in mind and don't forget that each bag can make a huge difference for our planet.

Each item is checked prior to despatch to check that they are long lasting items. By doing this we are able to ensure that the product would be a lifetime item and would have less negative impact on the environment.


Watch the video below and find out the reasons why real leather is sustainable.