Tinbox Angel story

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Amanda's Story 

Working from a small touring caravan which was bought for the sole purpose of creating a home for the ever growing fabric supplies needed to 'feed her soul'. Amanda worked for two happy years, in her home "studio" in her coastal home village which provided lots of inspiration and creativity.  With only her radio as company, she set about learning her trade, which gave her the building blocks to create the business as it is today.  After many months of producing her initial designs, she decided to expand into a purpose built workshop, again in the garden, but with much more room for supplies a large workbench and equipment.  The caravan is the Tinbox in her story, along with her Angel, which relates to the beloved sewing machine which her late mother left her, cleverly knowing full well that at some point Amanda would learn to use.

Amanda's joy of sewing has ignited a passion for the design and creation of leather bags.  Even her Angel couldn't of predicted the journey that was about to commence. The wonderful path Amanda and her designs have enjoyed over the past eight years has been inconceivable. In 2016 when the purpose built workshop was constructed in Amanda's garden this was also the time when Amanda realised that Tinbox Angel was now a respected brand and needed to be treated as such.  A website and Etsy shop then followed and in October 2019 moved her entire operation to a rustic but beautiful workshop in 'The Covered Yard' on King Street,  right in the centre of Lancaster, and situated firmly in the historic quarter of the city, just a stones throw away from Lancaster Castle.


Ever growing creativity

Despite many challenges - being the owner, designer and producer of a leather bag company isn’t easy work - Her love for leather has only increased throughout the years, much like the patina! I have always been committed to innovating, creating, changing, adapting and improving our products. A milestone in our story was when we launched a luxury leather range in 2018 and it proved to be a wonderful and popular addition to Amanda’s initial textile creations.  It was a huge step for the business, and one which took considerable planning to integrate these products into her popular catalogue of  creations.

Amanda was recognised in 2020 by being awarded a grant from the European Regional Development Fund, who recognised the passion and potential of her and the business.  Amanda has undergone leather training on the job and remotely, and in March 2020 completed her Award in Education and Training, Level 3.  A qualification which is certainly useful when Amanda is conducting her in-house leather workshops, the first of which was a sneaker making workshop, launched in August 2021.  This has proved so popular and always a sell-out when new dates are launched.  Amanda is looking at launching more workshops where people can come and take part in leather craft within her cosy workshop. 

Uniqueness of each luxury gift

Our range is a carefully blended mix of modern and classic: we simply couldn’t choose. That means you are sure to find something that not only suits your style and requirements but also your budget. The designs are combined with traditional leather skills and are quintessentially and unashamedly made in Britain. No two pieces are exactly the same: from the unicity of the different hides, the stitches, the personalisation   all the way to the careful packaging.


Our ethos

Our leather handbags and gifts are exclusive, yet affordable. Our ethos is to supply quality leather goods to people who appreciate the work from handcrafted suppliers. These luxurious handmade goods offer unrivalled quality, which is never compromised as many of our lovely customers have reviewed us on Facebook, Google and Etsy!


Our values

As a small business the finance is not the main factor for us to run the business. We want to create luxury and high quality products which would enhance customers’ outfits and make them feel good.  We believe that one unique item can bring joy into people’s lives. Thus, bearing in mind that one handcrafted item can make people feel more confident and positive. Each bag is made with love and always with the customers best interests. Every leather item has a story along with it which is expected to be continued in someone else’s hands. We want to make a positive impact on society and share our handmade handbags. 

Thank you for trusting our craftwork and supporting us!