Rustica - BRAND NEW FOR 2023


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Rustica is a shift away from recent trends, showcasing leather in an exemplary fashion. This stylishly curved piece melds features from our previous designs to create a singular creation with all the most advantageous elements.

You'll appreciate the waxed and oiled leather, along with its Honeysuckle colouring, a blend of tan and dark brown. Hard to put into words, it's warm and mid-brown in hue.

The timeless silhouette fits snugly under the arm when the adjustable strap is shortened, or a more classic shoulder length can be achieved by extending the strap with the side buckles.  So simple.

IParticularly popular as a lining shade, turquoise is the hue most requested. The interior of the bag features a spacious leather slip pocket, as well as a credit card holder. Additionally, the exterior of the bag offers a front pocket that makes items accessible.

 Dimensions: 33 cm x 26 cm (24 at the lowest point ) 

RUSTICA is made to order - please allow 2/3 weeks for despatch.