It's our time to go to another stage of business - start collaborating with other businesses.  


We have been asked on any occasions, do we work with other businesses, the simple answer is yes.  Our product catalogue is so versatile and just perfect for the corporate market.

Our mission:

Expand business and share our handmade items with likeminded businesses worldwide.


We handcraft leather handbags and accessories for men and women.  Our team is more than happy to personalise any of our products to fit within our clients' values and wishes.


  • Create a positive impact to the environment by buying long lasting high quality leather items;
  • Be different, especially as each product is unique, due to the nature of the materials;
  • Each item can be personalised, names, logos, strap lines,
  • Support local businesses to create a positive image and value for the community - Handcrafted products;
  • Available to everyone because our shipping is global.

    Previous collaborations:

    •  Local radio station
    •  Local small business collaboration 
    •  Retail shops (we love small businesses)
    •  Health Industry - A local provider of 
    •  A local manufacturing company who supply leather products
    •  B2B corporate gifts

    Are you interested in collaboration with us? Drop us a message and we can have a chat about it.